Rent with a Reason


Tents, Tables, Chairs and more

We rent out tents, tables, chairs and other equipment to make sure that your Open house, celebration, church event or office party is a great success. We are a one stop fun activity rental center. 

Plus remember your money goes to support kids getting to Young Life camps and a Young Life staff worker.


Regular Cost: $225 for 20x40 Tent / $175 for 20x20 Tent


$1 for Chair 


$5 for Table (6' or 60" round)


This Bounce House (Bouncing Castle/Moon Bounce) is a must at every party and special event. A safe and sure crowd pleaser.

Regular Cost: $200  Size: 14' Long, 14' Wide, 11' High 


Up and down action, wriggle, crawl and climb your way to ultimate fun. Two people line up in the two lanes. GO! And they are off to try beat the other to the final slide surface at the end. Take on dad, mom or the kids and see who is family or openhouse champ!  

Regular Cost: $375 

Sizes: 47-55' Long, 13-14' Wide and 15' High 


Its extreme, its fun, its an all round blast! This inflatable is high insanity! A gut rush for all ages, this is a show stopper.  Regular Cost: $375 


This is one of the many Inflatables that we rent out. This interactive event brings great laughter and action for young and old.

Regular Cost: $275

Size: 19.5' Long, 19.5' Wide, 2.4' High


This two person duel is guaranteed to bring laughter and hilarity. Two people strap into vests with bungi cords attached to them. On your marks get set GO! and they try to out run or out power each other. But watch out those bungi cords want their revenge! Regular Cost: $275

Size: 34' Long, 9.2' Wide, 4' High to 7' High


Bring the Golf Course home! This exciting mini golf challenge is a hit with all age groups and is a wonderful open house addition. Each hole has been carefully crafted for different levels of skill. Bring on the Open house Masters!

Regular Cost: $375

Size: 9 holes